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Chef Kimi Reid is a Professional Chef with extensive knowledge of food and nutrition.  She provides clients with personal chef services, recipe planning, private parties, and also works as a menu consultant to businesses who are looking to update their menus with healthier and/or allergy-friendly food options. 


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Recent Reviews:

 "I can honestly say that any venue, Private Estate or Yacht will be just as pleased as I was to have Kimi Reid as their Chef."             -Scott Schwaner, Master Chef and Yacht Captain

"After a few week's of Kimi's meals and superfood smoothies, I finally remembered what it felt like, to feel good again."                                           -Elizabeth K.

"It was wonderful to come home to a clean kitchen and a delicious hot meal. I'm grateful I found you and even more grateful that you provided the exact help I needed: not an easy to find match."                                                                                                                                               -Nan Narboe

"Check out Chef Kimi Reid.  Her food, expertise and creativity are amazing."
-LO Nutrition and Fitness Solutions

Portland, OR